Cost of Treatment


 Drs Handy & Handy are committed to ensuring that each & every person who enters their office for an orthodontic evaluation obtains a thorough understanding of any orthodontic problems they may have and the available treatment options to address their problems.  For this reason, there is NO CHARGE for the new patient exam and initial consultation, diagnostic records (x-rays, digital photos & digital scan), nor the follow-up treatment planning consultation with Dr. Handy.     


If orthodontic treatment is indicated, the treatment fee will be determined in accordance with the complexity of the individual case, the time involved & the appliances to be utilized.  Drs. Handy & Handy are committed to quoting a fair & simple fee with no hidden costs.  The fee they quote you includes everything that will be done to provide your orthodontic care in their office, from initial records & consultation through active treatment through delivery of retainers.  No hidden costs, ever.  

** Special Note:  If you are getting a 2nd opinion & comparing costs, make sure you are comparing apples to apples when it comes to total fee for treatment. 


Most importantly, Drs. Handy & Handy have built their reputation by ensuring that patients and their families always receive an excellent value for the orthodontic care they receive:  a fantastic smile for a lifetime, enhanced self esteem and a healthy bite delivered in a loving family environment for a fair fee.

Payment Options


Many different payment options are available for the convenience of our patients & their families.

Some patients choose to take advantage of the discount offered for payment-in-full at the initiation of treatment.  Others may prefer to arrange a personalized, interest-free monthly payment plan customized to best accommodate their unique financial situation.

Whatever our patient's or their parent's personal financial situation and needs are, we have a Financial Coordinator specifically dedicated to helping them find the best way to arrange finances to make their orthodontic dreams come true.  

Special Note:  A family discount is available to all immediate family members to current patients undergoing, or past patients who have completed, comprehensive orthodontic treatment within our practice.  


Our practice gladly accepts most all orthodontic insurance.  If your insurance policy offers orthodontic coverage, at your first visit to our office we will be happy to help you determine the benefit available to you.

As a service to our patients, our practice accepts assignment of insurance benefits.  This means that you do not have to pay your orthodontic bill in full and then hassle with your insurance carrier to be reimbursed.  You get the full credit of your insurance benefit right off the top of your orthodontic fee day one and never have to hassle with your orthodontic insurance again.  Our financial coordinator does all the hard work for you!

Special Note:  Drs. Handy & Handy do not accept any government money.  They do not accept Medicaid.

Flex Plans


Many patients & parents have flexible payment plans where pre-tax dollars can be set aside each year to cover health care expenses such as orthodontics.

If you have a flex plan, our Financial Coordinator will work with you to help maximize your benefit.  After consulting with other offices, many patients& parents are amazed at how easy we can make financial arrangements and how much money we can save a family by putting our Financial Coordinator on their side to ensure they maximize their benefit from their insurance & flex plan.  Our Financial Coordinator's mission is to remove financial obstacles to patients getting the orthodontic treatment they need.  Let our Financial Coordinator become your advocate & go to work for you today!