Partner with H2O!

Drs. Handy & Handy invite referring dentists to form a sacred trust with them in the care of their special patients with orthodontic treatment needs.  Experience the H2O difference!

All doctors know that the greatest myth in healthcare is that all doctors are the same.  This is certainly not true for dentistry, and orthodontics is no exception.  While all competent orthodontists can align teeth, there are a great number of significant differences in the way the art & science of orthodontics is practiced:

1)  Does the orthodontist one-step every patient, paying lip service to differential diagnosis & treatment planning for fear of not starting the patient?  Or does the orthodontic specialist take the time & care to thoroughly diagnose each individual case and to establish and prioritize appropriate treatment goals?

2)  Does the orthodontist have the wisdom & understanding to know the difference between what can and what should be done for a patient?  Is the orthodontist committed to an evidence-based decision making process or does he simply refuse to be bothered with the facts?  Does the specialist have the integrity to always tell a patient & their family the truth no matter what the cost to himself?

3)  Is the orthodontist a good learner, with the attention to detail and the humility to constantly evaluate what he did right & what he could have done better so that he is not making the same mistake over & over but constantly getting better at his craft?

4)  Does the orthodontist, with kindness and sensitivity, have the intestinal fortitude to unwaveringly tell patients, parents, and primary care dentists & any other specialists involved in the case not what everyone wants to hear, but what they need to hear--The Truth?

5)  Does the orthodontist have the moral integrity to always & without exception do the right thing in managing a patient's treatment and other related issues, no matter the costs of time, energy and/or profit?

6)  Does the orthodontic specialist have the wisdom & discernment, and will he take the time necessary, to adapt and adjust his treatment as each individual case proceeds and the numerous interacting variables unfold such that each treatment outcome is the best it can be?

7)  Does the orthodontic specialist communicate empathetically and effectively with patients & their families and their dental colleagues...not just at the beginning of a case and when things are going well, but also when there is an adverse treatment outcome?  If things get pulled down into the mud, would you want to be in the trenches with this orthodontist?  Would you trust his character & his judgement with your livelihood and your family's financial security?

45 years and 1000's of cases in the trenches, Drs. Handy & Handy believe successful ortho/referring dentist partnerships are built on excellent patient care, integrity, sound judgment and mutual trust.  We learn from you, you learn from us as we trust & communicate with each other as a unified team to lovingly serve our patients and help them achieve their goals.

So is it all the same?

We don't think so?

Try H2O.