For Referring Dentists

Dentists, we know how important it is to refer to trustworthy specialists.

Your reputation is at stake. Your patients’ experience with your referral reflects on you.


Your preferred orthodontic specialist will set you up for subsequent restorative success or failure.

You want peace of mind knowing your patients are in good hands.

You can refer your patients to H2O with  complete confidence.

What our referring dentists are saying about H2O:


I was looking at myself one day and thought, ‘I don’t like the way that looks at all.’…We decided to come to Handy & Handy, and I’m very happy with the success!


I had so many spaces in my teeth, so it was kind of awkward to smile…now I am super, uber excited for my cap and gown pictures!


Most of my life was spent hiding my smile, because I didn’t want anyone to see what was wrong with me. [Treatment at H2O] has given me the momentum I needed to take my business to the next level.


The doctors take time answering questions and helping me with patient care and treatment.


[H2O has] great communication with doctors and staff on cases.


The doctors do an excellent job and keep patients happy.


Treatment [at H2O] is based on sound research and data.


I believe Gordon is very thoughtful and demonstrates wisdom in his treatment choices.


My patients love your locations and you.


Parents come back to my office and tell me how nice everyone was at H2O and how nice it was to have the doctor take time to explain everything.

We do (by far) the most Invisalign cases in Winston-Salem, Lexington and Advance.

We’re also top-6 in all of North Carolina and top 1% in the world.

You can rest easy that we’re providing top quality orthodontic treatment for your patients.


Not only that, but our patients are reaching their outcomes 35% faster and with fewer visits.

And the more efficiently patients finish, the happier they are that you sent them to H2O.

Our success is your success.

And we take your success very seriously.

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