Our Services

We offer you cutting-edge technology while treating you with old-school, hometown values.

You could…

Get orthodontic treatment online, at a mall kiosk, or from a general dentist who is providing dozens of other treatments.

Or you could…

Choose to be treated by H2O Orthodontic Specialists, who have the advanced training, expertise, and experience to ensure you get the beautiful smile you deserve. 

We are the experts in:


We treat the most complex and greatest number of cases in the Winston-Salem area. We also hold Diamond Invisalign status, putting us in the top 1% of providers in the world.

Clarity Braces

Clear, aesthetic braces


American Empower Braces

Self-ligating braces for quicker, more comfortable adjustments


Damon Ultima

Passive, self-ligating braces for the ultimate non-extraction smile


And we serve:


There is a tremendous amount of unnecessary and expensive early treatment recommended today. We’ll tell you honestly whether early orthodontic treatment is needed for your child.


Get ready to wow your friends at school with your new smile!


It’s never too late to fix your smile. Get treatment that others will barely even notice until you blow them away with your new smile!

We know your time is valuable.

At H2O, treatments that have historically taken 24-30 months are often completed in 15-18 months. With half the number of visits.

As much as we love seeing you, you deserve to have your smile transformation as fast as possible.

In a world where dental care is becoming increasingly corporate and impersonal…

We're doubling down on our commitment to being: 


You (and your kids) will be treated like our own by our hometown doctors.


Get treated by the same excellent doctors at each appointment (instead of a revolving door of inexperienced new guys).


Your treatment is driven by our core values, and a portion of your treatment funds charity work in our community.

Most people are embarrassed to show their full smile.

We specialize in building personalized smile plans that have the power to launch you into your most confident life by giving you a smile that’s contagious!